Is golf a good sport for seniors?

Since golf is a non-contact sport, you will have lower risk of injuries. Even though golf is a relatively safe sport to play for a senior, there are hazards as with any sport. Before any senior starts playing golf, before to take some lessons like proper grip and swing, no one wants to see a club flying and hitting someone.

The most that you have to worry about is the sun beating on you while you are on the open fields, so make sure to put protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Remember to also stay hydrated as the field can get hot and dry on a sunny day. Another thing to worry about is lightning on a day with bad weather and bad weather in general.

Aside from those things, you should not be alone on the field in case of emergencies, have friends or someone who can aid you when something bad happens.

With those warnings down, let’s begin and discus the benefits of golf for the youthfully retired. Just remember to do your dynamic stretch and warm up before starting.

Golf is good for the body

When you play gold you are also doing a great cardio exercise. Walking from one hole to another or to the golf cart pulling all those clubs is a good way to maintain muscle mass. The average golfer walks about 4 miles in a single day of golfing. Swinging the club also lets your core muscles exercise therefore is great for the heart and also for plenty of muscle groups.

Golf is good for the mind

Golf involves plenty of precise calculations and brain-body coordination. This level of brain activity is like in a strategic meeting where you have to use a lot of brain power to get that ball inside that hole. It keeps your brain on its toes and therefore keep your brain sharp while enjoying the sport. It also keeps you in touch with your patient side, because you have to wait for that perfect moment when everything is just right before you swing.

Note – Make sure you get the best golf grip for your clubs or you may have problems as a senior golfer.

Golf is good for social interaction

Plenty of golfers, especially the retired, just play the game for the people they interact with and/or for killing time and seldom for the sport itself. Golf can keep friends connected as the older generation now a days don’t rely that much on technology to communicate with each other. They still prefer to keep friends very close by and meet people face to face.

Remember some of the greatest golfers from Jack Nicklaus even play the sport well into their 70’s so it is never too late to be playing golf!