Best Golf Umbrella

Had to cut your round short due to rainy or bad weather? Maybe you were having the best round of your life! While many people will seek shelter and wait it out there are equally as many who would simply open the 12 best golf umbrellas in 2019 and continue the game. There are many different golf umbrellas designed specifically with bad weather in mind, not only rain but also very high winds. Many of the golf umbrellas on the market at well tested for strong winds and rain and also have lightening proof handles. There can be a few tricks to choosing the best golf umbrella so lets take a look.

Choosing the Best Golf Umbrella on the Market

There are a few key considerations when choosing the right golf umbrella for your needs and these include the umbrella size, material, weight and wind resistance. As a general rule of thumb I like to tell people that the bigger the better. They can even be used in sunny conditions as sun protection as well which is great, especially for competitions.

When choosing the best golf umbrella you will need to consider a big enough umbrella to protect both you and your clubs from the rain. Playing with wet clubs is no fun whatsoever so this is also very important.

Umbrella Size

Golf umbrellas are measured in arc sizes ranging from small which is around 30 inches to quite large roughly 70 inches. I honestly wouldn’t go anything smaller than 60 inches but be sure to remember that arc sizes are not diameter sizes.

Umbrella Material & Umbrella Weight

When carrying all your gear you don’t anything too heavy so be sure to find a lightweight umbrella. That way you will hardly notice it there so can always have it and be prepared.

The material of the umbrella will change the weight as will the canopy layers within it. Many lightweight umbrellas have shafts or handles made from fiberglass. This makes it even lighter and easier to carry.

Fiberglass shafts are also much safer than a metal shaft if you are caught in a lightning storm.

You must also realise or consider that the lighter your umbrella the less canopies or layers you are likely to have. More layers will lead to more protection and if there is wind there will also be more shelter.

Wind Resistance

Playing golf in windy conditions can be challenging as well as turning your umbrella inside out. If you are going to be playing in windy conditions, then you will need to consider this with your umbrella. Many golf umbrellas are tested to hurricane strength winds even though you won’t be playing in a hurricane it is nice to know your umbrella will survive.

For windy conditions golf umbrellas will incorporate strong components in the canopies to stop them from inverting. Sloped canopies will have the air flow over the canopy but a ventilated one will let the wind pass through the umbrella.

Other Considerations for Golf Umbrellas

Cheap umbrellas are going to let you down so make sure you do your research and find the best golf umbrella you can. This is definitely a case of you get what you pay more.

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